You are good

You are good

You have always been good

Right from the beginning

I’m sorry that anyone told you otherwise

This breath

This head,

These hands

This love

Those feet

That smile

Your ears

This heart

This breath

This breath

This breath

Good, all good. So, so, so good.

You are loved

You are so loved

You are lovable

You have been working so hard

I don’t have to know how, to know that it’s true

You are precious

You are not a mistake, you are so on purpose

You are not broken

You never were

I’m sorry that you might have thought that

I’m sorry anyone might have made you think that

You are enough

You are so so enough

You do not have to earn your enough-ness

You do not have to grovel for value, for love, for goodness

You already have it

You already are it

You are loved 

You are loved

You are love

You are love

You are love

— Hillary McBride

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