Eating Disorder Counseling

As an eating disorder trained therapist, I can offer ongoing support toward your recovery and wellness. These are the types of eating disorders I can work with:

Anorexia (and AN-R Binge/Purge type)
Binge Eating Disorder
Other specified feeding/eating disorder (OSFED)
Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

All disordered eating and body dissatisfaction is unique and does not always have a precise definition or label. Along with eating disorders, I also work with clients who struggle with poor or negative body image, size discrimination, weight obsession, fat phobia, self esteem issues, social anxiety, dysphoria and issues of control or compulsive behavior.

I practice the Health at Every Size approach (HAES) and embrace all bodies of all shapes and sizes. Know that my office is a place free of weight stigma, diet culture language, and moralizing body types. Learn more about HAES here:

I primarily see people 18+ and also work with middle adulthood folks who have late onset disordered eating. These are the folks overlooked at their medical visits, diagnosed with other issues while their disordered eating continues to be unaddressed. These are also the folks that don’t remember the last time they were not on a diet or have “managed“ their disordered eating for years but are tired of life feeling like such a battle.

Recovery is a journey that is absolutely possible and you are worth it. We will partner together to find the root cause behind what your behaviors serve. We will find ways to interrupt and replace the eating disorder behaviors with behaviors that bring you life and actually heal the pain your eating disorder always promised it would fix (but didn’t).

I am more than happy to collaborate with your dietitian, psychiatrist, naturopath or physician as a treatment team to empower your recovery.

If you are needing weight restoration or more intensive support than I can offer at an outpatient level, I will provide you referrals and help you find treatment options.