(UPDATE: my sliding scale caseload is FULL – I am taking self pay/insurance)

(FULL/WAITLIST for sliding scale/COVID relief scale is 3-4 months. Please inquire for self pay/insurance options)

From now (March 2020) until at least the end of July 2020, I am offering new clients affected by COVID reduced fee sessions. If you are out of work, affected financially by COVID-19 or are struggling to make ends meet, I have reduced fees for new clients by 50%. If this is still unaffordable for you, please email me with what you are able to pay, If I cannot meet your fee, I will provide you referrals for someone who can.

During this season, we all need support, now more than ever. If you are feeling more anxious, depressed or just want someone to check in with on a weekly basis to support you through this very difficult time, I can help. If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you’re just absorbing too much, you aren’t alone. Right now, so many people are facing isolation, financial distress, trouble in their relationships, and trouble taking care of their mental health and self care in the midst of this season, but rest assured there is hope and space for you.

Teletherapy offers the convenience of not having to consider traffic, public transportation or public exposure during this time. I am able to see clients from all across Oregon so distance does not have to play a factor. If you would like to continue meeting with me via telehealth or in person after this stay at home order lifts, my office is located in the Hollywood district of NE Portland.

Please email me below to see if we may be able to start working together.